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Anti Hair Loss Cream

Anti Hair Loss Cream

Anti Hair Loss Cream
Scientists at Himalaya were exploring new research areas and since hair loss is a major problem worldwide, the team decided to work on an effective herbal remedy for hair loss. Most hair loss products today contain minoxidil, which is a chemical compound with several side effects. What started off as an attempt to provide an herbal alternative to synthetic medications for hair loss ended up in a breakthrough innovation, going far beyond our own expectations!

On one of his regular visits' to the medical library, Himalaya's R&D Head, read a research paper on a particular chemical compound that helps strengthen hair. This information motivated our scientists to try and identify a similar structured compound in nature. Thousands of plant extracts were analyzed - an exercise tantamount to looking for a needle in a haystack! Years of research produced absolutely no results. The only definite piece of information the scientists had was that the molecule, if it occurred in nature, would give the plant a bright color.

It was about this time that the R &D team stumbled upon the 'silk cotton' plant and on researching it further, was able to identify and isolate the molecule! The whole process took 5 years, but the fantastic results made it all worthwhile.

Himalaya's Hair Loss Cream is the world's first hair loss treatment based on a bioactive enriched herbal extract. By mixing the herbs in a specific ratio we have made nature work wonders for hair loss problems.

This is the first time that an herbal extract has proven to be as effective as synthetic medications in the treatment of diffuse hair loss and regulating hair growth in cases of alopecia areata. The bioactive fraction from these herbs prevents apoptosis of hair follicles and promotes hair regeneration. Himalaya's Hair Loss Cream is also completely safe, with no side effects!

We have a US patent pending for this breakthrough research.