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Passion for Science

From the foothills of the Himalayas where our story begins to the state-of-the-art Research facility where today we develop international quality herbal and personal care products, our commitment to modern science has remained unchanged.

We work with nature and our products are herb based. Each herb is carefully picked and thoroughly researched using scientific methods to determine their therapeutic properties. We understand that an ancient science like Ayurveda will forever remain esoteric unless it is interpreted in the language of modern science. This involves years of empirical research, and use of modern technology and methods of product development.

Himalaya invests a lot of time and energy in product development and ensures that products are not rushed to market. On average, it takes us between 7 to 10 years to develop a product. No investment is too much when it comes to scientifically developing safe and efficacious products.

HimalayaScience is at the root of each and every Himalaya product and our Research & Development policy clearly outlines this commitment to science.

  • Our products are derived through rigorous research.
  • The Himalaya R&D Center is focused on product development, quality control and standardization.
  • There is continuous investment in the best people, practices and technology.
  • We do not support "Borrowed Science" or the practice of using published literature to substantiate efficacy claims. Each Himalaya product undergoes years of primary research and clinical trials before it reaches the market.

We believe that an ideal healthcare system lies in the synergy between Ayurveda and modern science. Our endeavor is to create innovative products that satisfy the health and personal care requirements of contemporary lifestyles.