When Investing in Lives is our business, then innovation needs to be part of the organization's DNA. Himalaya's journey down the Innovation Path started as far back as 1930 and we have since given the world some of the best herbal healthcare products.

Our spirit to innovate drives us to newer discoveries- from finding new therapeutic benefits of an herb, isolating new molecules for specific ailments to making use of advanced scientific technology for development of herbal products. What makes this innovation possible is a research environment which fosters creativity, encourages inquisitive minds, promotes exchange of ideas and supports thinking 'outside the square'.

Innovation at Himalaya does not begin and end in the research lab, but extends to the procedures we apply to quality control, cultivation and standardization of herbs, safety measures and formulation processes-in short, from start to finish.

The knowledge that every discovery we make helps make life richer and healthier for so many people keeps alive our passion for innovation.

How we developed some of our best known products makes for interesting reading. Explore this section to discover these stories...