What We Do

Himalaya's mission is to make herbal wellness part of every home. We want to be the most trusted company in scientific herbal healthcare and most admired for our ethics, values and commitment to sustainability.

We develop pharmaceutical-grade herbal healthcare and personal care products of the highest quality for the health-conscious consumer. Our aim is to contemporarize traditional herbal medicine and we do this by ensuring that our products are based on modern scientific research and international quality standards. This way we bring you safe and efficacious products to help you lead healthier, enriched lives.

In harnessing nature's wealth to develop innovative herbal products, we work together with local communities and promote eco-friendly, sustainable methods of herb farming, because we understand that the health of future generations depends on the well-being of our planet.

At the heart of the Himalaya mission is the belief that good health should be accessible to everyone and we strive to make this possible through our commitment to science-driven herbal healthcare.

It would not have been possible for Himalaya to complete 90 years in business if we were not passionate about what we do and the way we touch the lives of millions of people everyday.