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Ayurveda At Himalaya

Since 1930, Himalaya has blended Ayurvedic expertise with modern medical research methodology to extend the science of Ayurveda to develop scientifically validated herbal products.

Our research begins with raw herbs chosen from traditional texts and from observations of indigenous plants. Himalaya's team of herbalists' studies these herbs in great detail, pouring over traditional and scientific texts to understand their therapeutic properties. Herbs with promising activity are then examined. Poly-herbal formulations of these herbs are made in order to provide a wider scope of pharmacological and cosmetic activity. Multicentered, double-blind trials according to WHO criteria further assist in scientifically validating these formulations.

Today, Himalaya has set up a world-class Research and Development facility at Bengaluru, India- one of the best available for traditional medicine anywhere in the world. Over 100 qualified doctors and scientists are constantly at work, developing and evaluating new drugs and therapies.

The standardization of herbal medicine is more daunting than the processes used for allopathic medicine. The tabletting of Ayurvedic medicine is very arduous, with multiple granulating, processing and coating variables. Today, Himalaya's manufacturing unit has the largest coating capacity in Asia.

Using modern research methodology and manufacturing practice, Himalaya has made available to people all over the world, an alternate method of treatment, which is both safe and efficacious.